Tuesday, July 28, 2009


He left Eternity and lived in Time that I might leave Time and live in Eternity. He left the Eternal Father in all His Glory to come down as man and acknowledge the Father's supremacy over all mankind. He came as a humble servant to make reparation for those who say," I will not serve." He was lowly of heart and gave credit to the Father for everything He did and offered His self-effacement as an atonement for my pride and independence. He was Master of all but never imposed on anyone or forced them to follow Him. His humility was so great, He understood the hatred of His enemies and asked His Father to forgive them. He ruled all creation and yet subjected Himself to Joseph and Mary as an obedient son. He was content to be considered an uneducated carpenter, yet He created the whole world. He was subject to two people whom He created because He saw His Father's Will in their commands. He was the Splendor of the Father, but hid all that would distinguish Him from the rest of the children of men. He was uncreated Wisdom but did not disdain learning ordinary things from others. He was content to advance in wisdom and age before men, that I might patiently advance in holiness before God. He accepted hatred, jealousy and persecution with composure, seeing only the Father's Will in the plan of Redemption. He was not ashamed to eat with sinners even though doing so belittled Him in the eyes of others. He watched those He came to redeem abandon Him in His hour of need, without becoming bitter or resentful. He extended to Peter a forgiving glance even before the Apostle was conscious of his sin. He did not give up His Spirit until He had endured every possible torment-to prove His love for me. His Love for me is so deep that He could not bear leaving me alone, so He humbled Himself completely and gave me His Precious Body and Blood in the Holy Eucharist as food for my soul. By Mother Angelica

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