Monday, July 13, 2009

To keep the balancing act in motion, live your life according to your values.

As a working mother, I am the one who does more before the sun comes up than most people do all day. Getting the kids up, dressed and fed, finding lost items, packing lunches and getting everyone to school on time can feel like a full-time job in itself. And that's before you fight the traffic to get to work. In order to manage, I realized some time ago that after the Lord, my husband and children are my most important priorities and therefore I had to let a few of my household responsibilities slide. I've also learned to get the kids to help and to accept that things may not always be perfect. However, when I am really overwhelmed I call out to the Lord to ask for help and he does prescribe a remedy for my many housework challenges. HOUSEWIFE'S PRAYER Thank you dear Lord for things I must do. Thank you for laundry that piles up so fast. Thanks for the toys that litter my floor. For shoes that are mud-caked and sit by the door. Thank you for fingerprints on freshly cleaned glass. Thanks for the carpet, now covered with grass These things in my life just prove that I'm blessed; God gave me a family I can live with the mess By Sheila Hammock Gosney

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