Monday, July 27, 2009

The 10th Anniversary of my Father’s Death

I always loved my father and we had a very good relationship. He loved me unconditionally and he always had my back anytime things went wrong or when I was concerned about something or needed help. I knew no matter what my father would always be there for me. Despite the sadness that I feel today when I remember my/our loss as a family, as Catholics we believe that he is still alive. He is more alive in the Church Triumphant, than he was on earth. In Heaven there are no grudges, no vices, no resentments, just pure love and holiness and because I believe that my father is in heaven I talk to him regularly in my prayers. The following is a quote from the Catechism of the Catholic Church which filled me with much consolation on the day of my father’s death and still consoles me today: Section 1690 - A farewell to the deceased is his final "commendation to God" by the Church. It is "the last farewell by which the Christian community greets one of its members before his body is brought to its tomb." The Byzantine tradition expresses this by the kiss of farewell to the deceased: “By this final greeting "we sing for his departure from this life and separation from us, but also because there is a communion and a reunion. For even dead, we are not at all separated from one another, because we all run the same course and we will find one another again in the same place. We shall never be separated, for we live for Christ, and now we are united with Christ as we go toward him . . . we shall all be together in Christ.”

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